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YA Friday

Do you love Percy Jackson?  Have you heard of "Rick Riordan Presents"?  It's a small branch of Disney-Hyperion Publishing that publishes four books a year selected by editor Stephanie Lurie and writer Rick Riordan to appeal to readers who love Rick Riordan's books.

In Riordan's words:  "Our goal is to publish great middle grade authors from underrepresented cultures and backgrounds, to let them tell their own stories inspired by the mythology and folklore of their own heritage. Over the years, I’ve gotten many questions from my fans about whether I might write about various world mythologies, but in most cases I knew I wasn’t the best person to write those books. Much better, I thought, to use my experience and my platform at Disney to put the spotlight on other great writers who are actually from those cultures and know the mythologies* better than I do."

Interested?  Check-out these Rick Riordan Presents adventures from DPL...