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Capacity Building

Help area organizations grow their capacity to help our community by serving on an advisory board, helping plan events, or writing grants.

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Volunteer jobs are listed under the counties where the work site is located. Some jobs have more than one site so may be listed in multiple counties. Volunteers can serve in any county, not just county of residence.

A few jobs can even be done from home.

Winneshiek County

RSVP Internal Volunteers

Volunteers can serve at the Northeast Iowa RSVP office as internal volunteers. Internal volunteers help RSVP accomplish more and in turn allow RSVP stations to accomplish more. Internal volunteers can help with a variety of  jobs. See the list below and let us know if you find something that interests you.

Office Support: Volunteers will work in the RSVP office and sometimes remotely to complete tasks to support staff. This may include:

  • Data entry
  • phone calls
  • translation of forms
  • scheduling
  • filing
  • help with events
  • prep mailings

Advisory Council: Serve on advisory council to provide guidance and direction for the Northeast Iowa Retired and Senior Volunteer Program. Board meets quarterly.

Other Jobs: Other internal volunteer jobs are available for volunteers who have the skills, knowledge and interest for the tasks. Currently RSVP is seeking volunteers for:

  • Give presentations about RSVP and other topics
  • Write articles highlighting stations and volunteers for Facebook, website and local media
  • Take photos of volunteers at stations and events
  • Fundraising
  • Grant Writing
  • Volunteer Scheduling