Museums & Historical Research

Vesterheim Norwegian American Museum

Two opportunities are available at this station:

1. Docent/Guide – Act as docent leading small group tours of the museum discussing the immigration process.
Volunteer should have a personal interest/background in Norwegian/Scandinavian/traditional culture and be enthusiastic about showcasing Norwegian American immigrants


2. Chore Assistant Vesterheim School Program – Volunteers with the Chore Assistant Program will work with 3rd & 4th graders as they learn about specific chores that were necessary for daily living in early years
Volunteers provide face to face learning experiences mediated by the volunteer. who can tell stories, ask questions and provide an interactive element to hands-on activities.
It is rewarding to witness learning in real time!
Activities will take place in the spring and fall. Volunteer will supervise elementary students while they try the chores, use the tools
Volunteers will assist with the following:
_____Churning butter
_____Washing clothes by hand
_____Sawing wood
_____Carrying water
_____Stuffing mattress ticks
_____Beating rugs
_____Pressing apples
_____Making rope
_____Shelling & grinding corn
_____Using a flail to thresh grain

Where: Decorah

When: Year round for docent/guide; Spring & Fall for school programs