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Who can be an RSVP volunteer?

Anyone age 55 or older can apply to be a volunteer. A background check is required for all applicants.

Application Process

1. Fill out an application

2. Meet with RSVP staff for a brief orientation and to learn about all the volunteer opportunities available through RSVP

3. Get a referral to an RSVP station and start volunteering!

Have questions? Call the RSVP office at 563-277-5181

Stations (Organizations)

Who Qualifies

Only non-profit organizations and governmental agencies can be RSVP stations.

Application Process

  • Contact the RSVP director to set up a time to discuss your organization's volunteer needs
  • Determine the volunteer job(s) your organization will offer and write up a description of the job(s)
  • Sign a Memorandum of Understanding with Northeast Iowa RSVP
  • Start interviewing the volunteers we send your way!

Benefits of Volunteering

Volunteering is good for the community, but it is also great for the volunteer! Below are some of the benefits of being an NEI RSVP Volunteer.

NEI RSVP Newsletter

  • Sent out about 4 times per year providing you with the latest information about the program, upcoming events and articles of interest.
  • Read our latest newsletter

Appreciation Events

  • Active volunteers and station representatives are invited to our annual Appreciation event
  • Volunteers will also be recognized during Volunteer Appreciation Week in the spring.

You are making a difference!

  • Volunteering with the RSVP program provides a sense of purpose and satisfaction in knowing that your skills and talents are making a difference in your community.

Supplemental Liability Insurance

  • Excess Accident Medical Coverage
    This coverage is in excess of Medicare, Medicaid, and any other insurance that you have in place.  The insurance applies while you are participating in volunteer-related activities.  This insurance does not duplicate benefits payable under Medicare or any other valid and collectible insurance coverage
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment
    In addition to the accident medical coverage, the underwriter will pay  benefits for death or loss of limb or sight, occurring within one year as a result of a covered accident.  You will be asked to designate a beneficiary for this purpose.
  • Excess Volunteer Liability Insurance
    All registered volunteers (collectively) of an organization are provided with excess volunteer liability insurance.  This provides protection if you are liable for bodily injury or property damage arising out of the performance of your duties.  This coverage is in excess of and noncontributing with any other valid and collectible insurance you may have.
  • Excess Automobile Liability Insurance
    This coverage provides an extra layer of protection for you as a registered volunteer driver while performing your duties.  This insurance applies only after your own insurance is exhausted.  You are protected for bodily injury or property damage claims arising out of your activities.  Excess Automobile Liability Insurance does not cover you while driving to and from the volunteer site.

It is important to remember that you must maintain your own auto liability coverage at least equal to the state-required minimums.  This coverage does not apply to any damage to your vehicle.

Helping Others Improves Your Well-being and Longevity