Community Needs

Friends of the Decorah Public Library

There are two opportunities available at this station:

1. Magazine Sorting: Assist in sorting with the Library magazine program once a week.

  • Straighten and sort magazines in the bins on the landing near the main entrance doors.
  • Empty the large trash bin where donated magazines are dropped.
  • Sort the saleable magazines and sort into the magazine bins.
  • Carry to “recycling,” the old, damaged and unfit for sale magazines which have been donated. (Recycling is in a bin or cardboard box on the floor next to the door of the staff work room.)
  • Empty the trash bin with donated magazines downstairs near the ground level entrance and put the saleable magazines in the rack there.

2. Advisory Board: Attend monthly advisory council meetings and work on specific projects throughout the year with the intention of supporting the Decorah Public Library.

Where: Decorah

When: Ongoing