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The Best Films of the The Decade: How to Train Your Dragon

Best Of The Decade How To Train Your Dragon (2010)

Upon its release, How To Train Your Dragon (2010) was, like several
generated animated films at the time, capitalizing on newfound 3D
technology. However
, dissimilar to some features utilizing this application, it was
recorded with this specific implement from the onset and the result is nothing short
a miraculously immersive cinematic experience.
When Hiccup
, the films precocious teen hero (indelibly voiced by Jay Baruchel),
is eventually able to cajole his unlikely companion out for
a test flight, the
mesmerizing kinesthesia of their aviation are absolutely jaw
dropping. These
moments are amplified by John Powell‘s soaring
singlehandedly a candidate for this decades best film score.
How To Train Your Dragon doesnt just invoke its senses of awe and wonder
through visual ploys and gimmicks
(though that certainly aids in its prosperity),
but is also a brainy and exciting family film with instantly amiable characters, the
likes of which are based on a series of children
s books by British author Cressida
One could nitpick the film
s few shortcomings, but its useless to carp when this
thrilling adventure endeavors so prominently
to enrapture and invigorate.
The success of
How To Train Your Dragon was benevolent enough to warrant
two theatrical sequels of equal quality (the third film dropped the numeric for a
The Hidden World (2019)), two television serials, and a straight to video
special. While its continuations and spin
offs have sustained its ability to enchant
throughout the past ten
years, little can diminish the colossal inferno of
(dragon)fire the original blazed.
For young and old alike
, How To Train Your Dragon is one terrific movie.