Ocean Odyssey: Sharks! With the Mississippi River Museum November 11th, 2023 at 10am Registration Required

Ocean Odyssey: Sharks! With the Mississippi River Museum

November 11th at 10am
Decorah Public Library Mezzanine

Registration Required

The Mississippi River Museum is set to make a splash at the Decorah Public Library with their captivating event, “Ocean Odyssey: SHARKS!”

This educational and immersive program aims to dispel common misconceptions surrounding sharks while shedding light on the remarkable adaptations that enable these marine creatures to thrive.

Join us as we explore the intriguing world of sharks, delving into their vital roles in the ecosystem and unraveling the connections between the landlocked Tri-State area and these magnificent ocean-dwelling species.

The program will address how local actions can impact marine life thousands of miles away and empower participants to contribute to the conservation efforts that protect sharks and rays.

Registration required. Use form below to register. Max 100 registrants.
  • Event Attendance Mode: Physical Event
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Nov 11 2023


10:00 am


Decorah Public Library Mezzanine
Second Floor


Sophie Nall
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