Northeast Iowa RSVP

There are multiple jobs available as an internal volunteer at Northeast Iowa RSVP: Office Support: Volunteers will work in the RSVP office and sometimes remotely to complete tasks to support staff. This may include: Data entry phone calls translation of forms scheduling filing help with events prep mailings Advisory Council: Serve on advisory council to … [Read More]

Northeast Iowa Peace & Justice Center

This station has multiple opportunities available: 1. Custodial: Volunteer will make the facility neat and clean for all who use the facility.  Schedule is flexible.  vOlunteer responsibilities: Vacuum, Dust, Clean windows & bathroom 2. Advisory Council: Attend monthly advisory council meetings and work on specific projects throughout the year with the intention of supporting the … [Read More]

Northeast Iowa Community Action

There are several opportunities available at this station: Christmas Program: Volunteer will assist with disbursing gifts to families who meet qualifications for Christmas giving program. Heating Assistance: The volunteer will assist applicants who are filling out applications for energy assistance. This may include checking to make sure that the client has all required paperwork before … [Read More]

Friends of the Decorah Public Library

There are two opportunities available at this station: 1. Magazine Sorting: Assist in sorting with the Library magazine program once a week. Straighten and sort magazines in the bins on the landing near the main entrance doors. Empty the large trash bin where donated magazines are dropped. Sort the saleable magazines and sort into the … [Read More]

Decorah Public Library

There are several jobs available at this station: 1. Large Print Assistant: Volunteers will select and process large print books from the Decorah Public Library collection to be sent to libraries across Iowa for the visually impaired. 2. Summer Reading Program Assistant: Volunteers needed to help with summer reading program as mentors and helpers for … [Read More]

Depot Outlet

Process donation that come into the Depot to prepare them for re-sale in order to raise money to be distributed to area non-profits throughout Winneshiek County. Where: Decorah When: This is an on-going volunteer position with days of service and amount of time spent processing donations to be worked out between the Depot Outlet and … [Read More]

Decorah Area Chamber of Commerce

RSVP volunteers will greet visitors to the Decorah Area Chamber of Commerce Visitors Center. The volunteers will answer questions about the community and provide directions and information about Decorah and Winneshiek County. Where: Decorah When: Saturdays, year round; Sundays Memorial Day to Labor Day