Natural Birdhouses book cover image

New Hobbies

Do you need a new hobby? Here are 8 books to help you get your hands busy! Here's the list ...
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We Are Satellites Cover

October Book Discussions

Decorah Public Library staff are hosting five book discussions in October. The groups are open to the public and newcomers ...
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Mexican Gothic book cover image

Contemporary Hispanic-American Fiction

It's Hispanic American Heritage Month and we're kicking it off with a collection of contemporary fiction from Hispanic American authors ...
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Abode book cover image


Tired of your space? Check out these books for redecoration inspiration!  Here they are in the catalog - City Farmhouse ...
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Movie Night Bundle Decorative Image

Movie Night Bundles

Tired of trying to decide what to watch? We're here to help! Decorah Public Library is launching a new service ...
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Outlawed book cover image

Westerns Upended

Horses. Cowboys. Gunfights. Genderfluid outlaws? If you've written off Westerns because of their stereotypes, make like Annie Oakley and give ...
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September Book Groups

Decorah Public Library staff are hosting four book discussions in September. The groups are open to the public and newcomers ...
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Contemporary Poetry

Wondering if you should be reading more poetry? Here are 8 collections to spend time exploring. Here's the list in ...
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The Secret History book cover image

Campus Novels

Summer is ending and school is starting, so here are 8 novels set on college campuses. Not sure where to ...
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St. Lucy's Home for Girls Raised by Wolves book cover image

Left-Field Short Story Collections by Women

Call them magical realism, call them fairytale-esque, call them gothic body horror, call them speculative fiction, call them whatever you ...
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