September Book Groups

Decorah Public Library staff are hosting four book discussions in September. The groups are open to the public and newcomers are encouraged to attend. Anyone interested should call the library at 382-3717 to learn more or to reserve a book. Zoom links are available on the Library’s website or you can email to be … [Read More]

Contemporary Poetry

Wondering if you should be reading more poetry? Here are 8 collections to spend time exploring. Here's the list in the catalog -   The Rain in Portugal - Billy Collins The Rain in Portugal—a title that admits he’s not much of a rhymer—sheds Collins’s ironic light on such subjects as travel and art, … [Read More]

Campus Novels

Summer is ending and school is starting, so here are 8 novels set on college campuses. Not sure where to start? We recommend The Secret History. Here's a link to this list in the catalog - Wonder Boys - Michael Chabon A wildly successful first novel made Grady Tripp a young star, and seven years … [Read More]

Left-Field Short Story Collections by Women

Call them magical realism, call them fairytale-esque, call them gothic body horror, call them speculative fiction, call them whatever you want - these weird, off-kilter short story collections defy expectations and conventions and take you in directions you won't expect. You can't go wrong with any of them, but your list maker's personal favorites are: All … [Read More]

“The Pariah” by Anthony Ryan

The Pariah By Anthony Ryan   I received an ARC of The Pariah from Orbit Books in exchange for an honest review.   I am a relative newcomer to Ryan’s work, prior to The Pariah having only read (and mostly disliked) his Seven Swords novellas, although I have purchased many of his other books given … [Read More]


This week, we've got a list of books to help you make sense of your world! Check out these books about historical maps, making your own maps, maps of imaginary places, and the ways maps have shaped the world as we know it. Here's a link to these books in the library's catalog - The … [Read More]

YA Friday

It's YAFriday and we have more Zodiac inspired booklists!  This week we have recommendations for Libras and Scorpios. September 23 and October 23--air sign associated with justice, balance, harmony, beauty, balance, and compromise. Libras are often depicted as social, kind, creative, and communicative. Sixteen-year-old Starr Carter moves between two worlds: the poor neighborhood where she … [Read More]